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LOTS OF ICONS. [April 2nd, 2006]
Made some icons from Clueless. de some icons from Clueless. This is my first icon post, be nice :) They arent brilliant, but im proud of 'emde some icons from Clueless. This is my first icon post, be nice :)

sincerly_juicy posted these for me therefore she reserves the right to write whatever the fuck she wants in the cut. she OWNS BITCHES, wins at life, and is utterly amazing. all should envy her. kaythanks.Collapse )
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[March 27th, 2006]
oh em gee, lookit this, im writing in my journal. this is amazing. i never write in my journal, as you can see, but today, it seemed fit to write in it because House comes back to us tomarow! YESS! the long awaited House eps are coming back. im estatic. prepare for majot squee moments Britt!
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[February 8th, 2006]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I cannot express how amazingly awesome last night episod of House was. There was sex and weed. Words cannot begin to explain it. Im still all giddy from it all :D Screencaps and a place to download the episode woulld be much appreciated.

Shout out to Britt..the thesaurus is our friend :)

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[January 1st, 2006]


lmao. love you girl! hope you & keechee like this layout and all the fun communities I added!
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Hello LJ. Mandy has arrived.... [November 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | blah ]

SO, yea, I decided to get a LJ. Dont know why. Just did. Thought maybe it would be fun, I guess I was in the mood to try something new. Who knows. Well...today, I went out to the barn and babysat my trainer's daughter so she could teach a few lessons. Then this one horse, Scooby, kicked another horse, Jesse, and I had to bring Jesse in and rinse the blood off of the nice cut that Scooby left him with. Yea, so, it ended up needing stitches. I stuck him in his stall while waiting for the vet to show up. Meanwhile, I was getting ready to clip my horse. He is a big harry monster with his winter coat (like he needs that down here in FL) and right before I was about to start, the vet shows up and I went to go help him. After he left I clipped Keechee. Didnt get to finish though. My dad came to pick me up and take me home so I could shower. We had reservations at the Maccaroni Grill. After I got home I watched That 70's Show and Lost. Now I am here writing this. That was my wonderful eventful day. So, yea, I guess thats it.

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